Wilfay Farm is a family owned business that was started in 1992 in Kenya. The expansive flower farm is located at the equator, in Subukia which is at the edge of the Rift Valley 2400m above sea level. The farm enjoys one of the most conducive climactic conditions for production of quality summer flowers.

Initially, the farm was started as a horticultural farm with a modest workforce of 15 employees specializing in the growing of French Beans, Sugar Snaps and Garden Peas.

However, from 2005 under the stewardship of the Directors the farm has transformed into a multi- faceted farm that currently employs 200 workers.

The core business for Wilfay is the growing of summer flowers for exports mainly to E.U. countries. The farm is expanding its floriculture business so as to be one of the major players in summer flowers exports within the region.